Not One More Child

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The Not One More Child PSAs were written, directed, and produced by a team of Hollywood and Madison Avenue award-winning veterans who have been behind some of the most memorable campaigns in history, including Fandango Puppets, Stand Up to Cancer, Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk, and the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear ads.

Len Fink, Lanette Phillips, Jeremy Barrett, and Jonathon Ker worked from dawn to dusk for weeks prepping and securing pro-bono support from some of Hollywood's leading talent. Working closely with Elizabeth, Alicia, Ed Smart, and The National Association to Protect Children, The Not One More Child campaign would not have been possible without their generous support.

On The Set
On the set in Los Angeles.

Production Team

Len Fink

Lanette Phillips
Executive Producer

Jonathon Ker
Executive Producer

 Jeremy Barrett
Executive Producer

Camille Cooper

Elizabeth Smart Foundation

Credits (alphabetical order)
Shelly Caudill Cindy Chapman Chris Culliton Jorge Devotto Jorge Diaz
Jeff Dunham Hector Espinosa Alex Federico Hilleri Fitting David Gielicz
Scott Hackwith Patrick Israel Bob Isreal Spook James Minh Ly
Montana Mann Jora Nelstein Simon Nelstein Melinda Nugent Dean Peratsakis
Andrew Poland Keith Salmon Giorgio Scali Chris Schaeffer Lexi Stearn
Kurt Stevens Rob Van Lisa Van Hecke Animals West Butcher Editorial
Caps Universal Enterprise Fedex Greenberg Teleprompt KG Studio Catering
Psyop Quixote Rise and Shine Sterling Messenger Union Editorial
Wells Fargo Insurance        


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